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10 Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry Countryside IL

Are you considering making cosmetic improvements to your smile? You may find yourself coming across a lot of misinformation while doing your research on the internet. Never fear—we’re here to debunk these myths so you can take the plunge toward getting the smile you’ve always wanted.

MYTH #1: Cosmetic dentistry is extremely expensive.

There was once a time where cosmetic dentistry was considered unaffordable, but those days are long gone. Now, many treatments that have cosmetic benefits—such as crowns or dental implants—can be considered restorative procedures by some insurance companies. This means that these cosmetic procedures may make necessary structural improvements to your teeth while enhancing the appearance of your smile, so your dental insurance may cover it! And with advances in modern technology, you’ll find that treatment has become much more efficient and, therefore, much more affordable.

MYTH #2: Cosmetic procedures are painful.

Many cosmetic procedures are minimally invasive and virtually painless, such as teeth whitening. And for procedures that require a more intensive treatment, advances in technology, sedation, and anesthesia allow cosmetic treatments to be performed with limited pain and discomfort. With cutting edge technology and advanced procedures, these treatments are easier and safer—meaning you can recover quickly without as much pain!

MYTH #3: Your smile will look fake after cosmetic procedures.

Au contraire! Countryside Dental Group customizes crowns, veneers, and implants to each individual patient, so you’ll get a healthy smile that looks completely natural to you. We are also very careful to save the natural structure of your teeth whenever possible, and ensure fillings, bonds, and other treatments blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. Your beautiful new smile will look 100% natural.

MYTH #4: Cosmetic dentistry is unnecessary.

Actually, you might be surprised to find that cosmetic procedures benefit the structure of your teeth and prevent a number of oral health issues. For example, fixing a broken tooth can prevent decay, which would otherwise cause a great deal of pain down the road. Restoring your bite with dental implants or bridges have many benefits to your speech, chewing mechanisms, and more. So while you can certainly expect a number of aesthetic perks to come with cosmetic dental procedures, you’ll find that many of these improvements are critical to your oral health as well.

MYTH #5: Cosmetic dentistry is damaging to your natural smile.

We often hear the myth about cosmetic dentistry being harmful to your teeth when discussing porcelain dental veneers—luckily, these veneers are not damaging. With porcelain veneers, your teeth are left largely intact and are only minimally altered to fit the device. Countryside Dental Group prioritizes saving your natural, healthy teeth whenever possible. Our methods will allow you to preserve and increase the lifespan of natural teeth when possible, and will repair heavily damaged teeth when necessary. With our innovative technology and highly experienced staff, we can preserve your natural teeth and restore the structure of your smile.

We understand that getting cosmetic dentistry can be a big decision, but you don’t have to make this choice alone! Call our offices today to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your desired results and which treatments are available to help you obtain your ideal smile.