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Family owned practice

Nobody’s teeth are identical; your smile is unique, just like you. So, why should your dental experience be the same as anyone else’s? At Countryside Dental Group, we believe that your dental appointments should be personalized to give you the custom care you deserve.

If you’ve recently moved and are considering where you’re going to register as a new patient for dental care, it’s time to weigh the benefits of a family-owned practice vs. a chain. While you can find large dental chain corporations in most metropolitan areas, they aren’t always the best option to meet your family’s needs, especially if you seek an intimate experience with a dentist who is familiar with your dental anxiety and overall health.

The Benefits of a Family-Owned Dental Practice

Consider these benefits when looking for a dental practice near you:

  • Personalized care. A family-owned practice operates on a smaller scale and comes to know and care for their patients. Rather than being a number in a booking system, your dentist will be familiar with you and your preferences, allowing you to receive custom care that makes your experience special.
  • Familiarity and friendly faces. If you suffer from dental anxiety, having a dentist who remembers you and greets you like an old friend can help ease those nerves before you sit down in the dental chair. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing which dentist and hygienist will work on your teeth at each visit, and they’ll be able to accommodate you to make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Knowledge of your family history. When you visit a family-run dental practice, there’s a high chance that there’s only one dentist on staff. This means that your entire family receives care from the same dentist and team of hygienists. They will know to watch for any hereditary oral issues, allowing your family to receive more comprehensive preventative care.
  • Supporting the local community. Choosing a family-owned dental practice over a chain is a fantastic way to support the local economy. When you invest in your oral health through a small business, that money directly benefits a family in your community and helps them keep their operation running smoothly. If you invest the same amount in a chain dental practice, your money will not have the same effect.
  • Common Concerns With Dental Chains. If you’re tempted to visit a dental chain because of its convenient location or wide-open appointment availability, first consider these common concerns patients have after experiencing these services.
  • Profits, not people. As with all major corporations, a common concern patients have with dental chains is the priority of profits over patient care. By valuing your payment more than your patient experience, dental chains are less likely to provide a pleasant experience and do thorough work.
  • Unnecessary pressure on patients. A desire to upsell goes hand-in-hand with prioritizing profits. Dental chains may attempt to sell you services you don’t require to benefit themselves, leading to doubt and anxiety surrounding dental visits. Patients at dental chains may also feel they are being rushed out the door to make room for the next appointment so dentists can maximize their time.
  • You get what you pay for. To minimize outgoing expenses and boost their bottom line, many dental chains use poor quality materials, outsource imaging and diagnostic testing, and rely on outdated technologies, which can leave you with dental work that doesn’t meet your expectations.
  • High turnover, low experience. None of the staff members own the business, so there is typically a high staff turnover rate due to dentists moving on to start their own practice or admin staff and hygienists seeking an alternative work environment. As a result, many staff members lack the experience to perform comprehensive and considerate care, as they do not get to know you or your dental history.

Choose Countryside Dental Group for Dental Care With a Personal Touch

At Countryside Dental Group, Dr. Leila Shahbandar and her experienced practice staff understand your needs and work with you to achieve your desired dental results. Whether you want preventative treatment or a tooth restoration procedure, we have the expertise and technology to provide you with compassionate, professional dental care. Call us today to schedule your appointment.