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Modern orthodontics

The smile is the most important element in the perception of physical appeal. For men, the smile, hair, and eyes are the most important components for attractiveness. In women, it is only a smile. This article is about what modern orthodontics are doing to make your smile irresistible.

The Science Behind Modern Orthodontics Speaks

Esthetic improvement is the main reason people decide to undergo orthodontic treatment. A study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics quantified the smile’s contribution to overall aesthetics. In this study, 8 people judged the attractiveness of 30 men and 30 women up to 35 years of age. They performed evaluations before and after orthodontic treatment. Pearson correlations were calculated between the perceived appeal of a person’s face and other factors. These included the appeal of the smile, eyes, nose, hair, skin, and other facial components.

The study found a significant connection between the perceived appeal of the face and the smile. There were no significant connections to any other facial components.

How Has Orthodontics Changed?

Modern orthodontic practices have changed a lot over the past 2 decades. Back then, tooth extractions were large and frequent. Oversized wires and brackets were the “golden” standard. Modern patients enjoy impressive results and enhanced treatment thanks to the latest technology. This can contribute to a highly successful practice too. General dentists tend to recommend orthodontic specialists who utilize state of the art technology. This guarantees favorable outcomes.

This isn’t to say the experience and skill of a specialist have become superfluous. We are merely pointing out that modern treatment philosophies have changed the way we treat most patients. The improvements in equipment and tools have had amazing effects. Now, we can achieve excellent results with much less discomfort. What is more, the duration of treatment has become much shorter than ever. This is due to these landmark novelties in modern orthodontics, at least in part.

“Customized” Smiles

In recent years, there has emerged an innovative method. This involves custom-designed wires and brackets combined with indirect bonding. The method is called Insignia. So far, there are no other systems that incorporate 3D software for treatment planning. This system includes customized brackets and wires for each patient.

The software transforms impressions into a highly precise virtual 3D model of a person’s teeth. The dentist can then make any changes to achieve the “perfect” smile. The patient can see the final results. The lab makes the wires or brackets. Then, the dentist places them on the teeth using jigs. These are precise placement guides. This guarantees optimal indirect bonding. The specialist also provides a series of corresponding archwires to function together with the customized brackets. This makes tooth movement as efficient as possible.

This product is almost always more comfortable for the patient in comparison to conventional braces. The result is a uniquely beautiful smile. It has been designed with the patient’s distinctive facial and dental features in mind.

We at Countryside Dental offer a just as a contemporary twist on conventional orthodontics called Six Month Smiles®. Our product uses the highest-quality aspects of braces. It alters the materials and treatment. This provides patients with a smart cosmetic solution that corresponds to their lifestyle.

On average, the treatment time is just six months. Six Month Smiles is usually more affordable than veneers and traditional braces. Our trademarked Patient Tray Kits™ make sure that appointments will just fly by. The wires match the color of your teeth, rendering them barely visible. This also goes for clear brackets. For more information, give us a call!