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Tooth Pain Countryside IL

Have a toothache that just won’t quit? A cavity isn’t always the culprit. There are number of reasons that you might be experiencing dental pain. While the only way to get a definitive diagnosis for a toothache is to speak with your dentist, here are a few possible explanations for the problem:

  1. You’ve been over-brushing. Brushing your teeth is critical for keeping them in good health. However, there is such thing as “too much of a good thing.” If you’ve been brushing too hard or too often, you could possibly be wearing away the enamel of your tooth or even causing gum recession. This will expose the root of your tooth and cause extreme sensitivity and pain. If your brushing habits have caused this type of damage, only a dentist can fix it; you’ll want to schedule an appointment straight away.
  2. You grind your teeth in your sleep. There are a number of reasons why you might be grinding your teeth in your sleep—including stress, certain medications, a sleep disorder, or even a misaligned bite. Teeth grinding (bruxism) is actually quite common, as 30-40 million people in the United States experience it. However, if you chronically grind your teeth, you could be wearing down their outer enamel, causing stress fractures and muscle pain in the jaw. Dentists can often be the first to recognize this problem due to the wear and tear it causes on your teeth, and they will generally recommend a mouth guard to wear in your sleep.
  3. You have a gum infection. Around 75% of Americans over the age of 35 have some form of periodontal (gum) disease, which occurs when bacteria enters the gum tissue to a point where it causes pain, swelling, or bleeding. A gum infection can even lead to an abscess, which can be very painful. Luckily, gum infections are easily preventable with a proper dental hygiene routine (brushing, flossing, and mouthwash) as well as regular visits to the dentist. If you think you may have an issue with your gums, be certain to make an appointment with the dentist right away before the condition has a chance to progress.
  4. You have a sinus infection. Interestingly enough, sinus pressure and congestion can actually manifest as dental pain. Your teeth’s nerves are quite close to your sinuses, so the pressure can also create pain in your mouth. This is a common symptom of sinusitis and other respiratory illnesses. If you’re experiencing cold or flulike symptoms in addition to your tooth pain, be certain to visit a doctor to rule out infection straight away.
  5. You’ve broken a tooth. Whether you’ve bitten into something too hard, you’ve suffered an external injury during an accident, or you grind your teeth in your sleep, there are many reasons why you could currently have a broken tooth. A crack in the tooth can potentially expose the nerve, making it painful when chewing or if it comes into contact with hot or cold temperatures. The treatment for a broken tooth will depend on the amount and cause of damage to the tooth, as well as the location of the tooth. Either way, your dentist will be able to determine the best possible treatment for your condition.

If you’re experiencing dental pain, you don’t have to suffer through it! Call Countryside Dental Group in Countryside right away to schedule an appointment so we can help you get back to good health.