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Dentist in Countryside

There is a certain standard for nearly everything we do in life, and formality and routine help keep us informed about what to expect from different situations and products. Knowing that the grocery store always sells apples and that your Big Mac will taste the same no matter where in the world you order it are certain things we come to accept as standard. When it comes to your teeth, your unique medical needs will be different to everyone else’s, but what you can expect from a routine dental visit will be, for the most part, the same no matter who your dentist is. Today, we’re taking a look at routine dental visits and what you can expect your doctor to do no matter where in the country you may be seeking medical attention.

Getting the Facts

If it’s your first visit to your dentist, he or she will want to know your full health history so they can get a better idea about preexisting conditions or anything they may need to pay attention to. Patients with diabetes, for example, have higher risks for certain dental ailments than patients without diabetes. Other risk factors include cancer, being a smoker, and certain autoimmune diseases. It’s important to be open and honest with your dentist so he or she can have a thorough understanding of your health needs.

Squeaky Clean

No trip to the dentist would be complete without a diligent dental cleaning! Your dentist or their dental assistant will use scrapers to clean out buildup and plaque from around and below the gumline, helping to reduce your chances of cavities and gingivitis. They will also floss and polish your teeth for an additional layer of cleanliness. If you aren’t an avid flosser, you may experience a bit of discomfort or bleeding during the cleaning, but this is perfectly normal.

Seeing the Problem Areas

X-rays will be taken at almost every initial dental visit so your dentist can get a better understanding of your jaw and teeth. While many of used think of your teeth as just being the visible pearly whites we expose when we smile, there is actually a lot more to them than that! X-rays can help your dentist find decay between your teeth, abscesses, impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, or problems with your jaw. After your initial visit, your dentist will want to take follow-up X-rays every year or so.

The Exam Itself

Of course, no trip to the dentist would be complete without an exam! During this phase, your dentist will check your teeth and gums for signs of cavities, disease, or other issues. If anything out of the ordinary is spotted, he or she will inform you and come up with a plan to solve the issue. Sometimes, they may simply have advice for how to better care for your oral health at home.

Finding a dentist you feel comfortable with is a vital part of your healthcare! To come meet with us and start feeling your best, give us a call at Countryside Dental Group to schedule your first appointment today!