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If you have a solid dental hygiene routine and still experience tooth discoloration, this can be quite frustrating! However, there are a number of other potential causes for your teeth looking less than sparkling white. Take this quick quiz to see if any of the following causes may apply to you!

1. Did you take tetracycline antibiotics before the age of 8?

If you took tetracycline antibiotics before the age of 8, this could potentially be the cause of your tooth discoloration. This also includes if your mother took these antibiotics during the second half of her pregnancy with you. These antibiotics have been known to cause intrinsic discoloration if taken while your teeth are developing.

2. Have your teeth experienced any external trauma (e.g. chipped a tooth)?

Trauma has been known to cause tooth discoloration because it causes internal bleeding within the tooth to make it appear darker. Therefore, if you’ve ever fallen, chipped a tooth, or injured your tooth while playing a sport, for example, this could be the reason behind your discolored teeth. This most often occurs with children, but can occur with adults as well.

3. Have your teeth gotten more discolored over time?

If you’ve noticed your teeth are more yellow now than they were when you were younger, this could simply be a result of the aging process. Over time, your dental enamel thins and the layer beneath (the dentin layer) becomes yellower. Therefore, your teeth could appear more discolored than before. Also, general wear and tear from extrinsic stains can build up over time. So if you drink coffee every day or have been a smoker all of your life, then this could be the cause of your tooth discoloration as well.

4. Do you regularly eat or drink known stain-causing foods or beverages?

Do you drink coffee or tea every day? Do you regularly drink wine or soda? If so, this could definitely be the cause of your tooth discoloration. Your teeth can also be more discolored if you regularly eat foods with curry or even marinara sauce. Citrus fruits are known culprits as well, as they’re highly acidic and can wear down your dental enamel.

5. Are you a smoker?

If you’re a smoker, this is the most likely cause of your tooth discoloration as well as other oral health issues. The nicotine in tobacco products turns yellow on your teeth when it comes in contact with oxygen. Also, the tar in cigarettes tends to get trapped in the tiny nooks and crannies on your dental enamel, making it difficult to remove. Therefore, if you’re a smoker and want to improve your smile’s appearance and health, quitting the habit could make a significant difference.

6. Do your family members have similarly discolored teeth?

Sometimes, a good smile is just a gift of your genetics! Therefore, if you’ve noticed that members of your family have similar tooth discoloration, this could be the source of the issue. This is because genetics help to determine both the thickness and the brightness of your dental enamel, which can determine the color of your teeth.

7. Are you receiving medical treatment?

In addition to tetracycline antibiotics, there are a few medications have been known to cause tooth discoloration over time. If you take high blood pressure medications antihistamines, or certain antipsychotic medications, this could be the potential cause. Also, if you’re undergoing chemotherapy, tooth discoloration could be a side effect as well.

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